Please Sponsor Me! 117 Miles, 117 Photos

I wrote a Bucket List in early 2014 and one of the items on it is to complete one of Scotland’s Great Trails.

I’ve walked several sections of the Fife Coastal Path over the years but the idea of walking all 117 miles, from Kincardine to Newburgh, really appeals to me. I’m hoping to complete the walk during the first fortnight of September and post 117 photos here on my blog – 1 photo per mile long section of the path.

I realised that this would be a good opportunity to raise funds for a good cause. Cancer Research UK is my chosen charity. To make things fun, for every £1 you donate, please quote a number between 1 and 117 when you sponsor me. You will be sponsoring that specific mile(s) of the walk, and you can look out for the corresponding photo on my blog!

More than 1 in 3 people in the UK will be diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetime. I’m hoping  to raise a minimum of £117 – £1 per mile – and would be so grateful if you could help me to smash this target in order to raise funds for a worthy cause that is becoming increasingly relevant to us all.

Thank you.

Please visit my JustGiving page here.

Elie, Fife, 2010
Elie, Fife, 2010

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4 thoughts

  1. I guess you got some support, if not, don’t worry, try another one, you will surely succeed! Such noble work Karen 🙂


    1. Thanks Josh. I was delighted to raise over £500 for Cancer Research thanks to the generosity of my family, friends and colleagues. I have another couple of charity fundraising adventures up my sleeve and will be posting some information on my blog in due course. It’s brilliant to be able to have fun in the outdoors but also do some good for a great cause.

      I was in Fife this weekend with my parents. We returned to the stretch of coastline shown in this photograph and climbed the small hill you can see behind me. Another lovely day out on the Fife coast! 🙂

      1. Wow! That’s amazing. Eagerly waiting for the other fundraising episodes. Weekend you all were there, am sure you all would have collected memories. Convey my regards and lovet to your parents 🙂 keep smiling Karen 🙂


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