Website Photography | Knockbain Farm, Dingwall

One of my favourite recent commissions was capturing some website images for Knockbain Farm, a family run business near the Highland town of Dingwall, just a stone’s throw from where I live! It was a pleasure to capture some family portraits last summer, then return in autumn to photograph the landscape and farm animals.

Knockbain Farm has been run by the Lockett family since 1971 and produces high quality food with a commitment to biodiversity. It’s refreshing to see sustainability at the heart of this Highland business, with native woodlands, ponds, wetlands and hedgerows on the 250 hectare site. Lapwing are breeding on the farm and Red Kite are a regular sight overhead and breed nearby. There’s even a community-owned wind turbine at Knockbain and the farmhouses are heated with wood from the farm.

Visitors are actively encouraged with a network of well-maintained paths throughout the farm. There is also bed-and-breakfast accommodation in the farmhouse and at the Shepherd’s Hut.

Pop over to for more photographs and information on the farm’s wildlife and renewable energy initiatives, holiday accommodation and environmental consultancy business.

Knockbain Farm - Autumn 2018 Re-Sized-29

Knockbain Farm - Autumn 2018 Re-Sized-2

Knockbain Farm - Autumn 2018 Re-Sized-22

Knockbain Farm - Autumn 2018 Re-Sized-13

Knockbain Farm - Autumn 2018 Re-Sized-8

Knockbain Farm - Autumn 2018 Re-Sized-7

Knockbain Farm - Autumn 2018 Re-Sized-15

Knockbain Farm - Autumn 2018 Re-Sized-27

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